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We live in a digital world where information can be sourced even from the comfort of your room. Once the info is placed on the web, the owner most times have no authority over it as people open such document and do whatever they wish with it. This document which solely belongs to one person becomes public property and everyone who has access to the internet can copy, duplicate and even send to as many as possible without the owner’s consent.

With technology you can search and get almost any information even without knowing the real owner of such work or document, due to the comfort of easily laying hands on documents and information needed, it is hard for real owners of such works, documents, or assets to truly have complete ownership of their work. All of these awaken us to a world where the authenticity and ownership of assets online can’t be accounted for.


With NFT’s, owners can lay unquestionable claim to their assets as NFT’s gives owners the right to make their work or assets authentically theirs by attaching a certificate of ownership to such assets thereby making such work unique from others, and even if duplication occurs, the original work will always stand out. Digital files, work, become solely the owners once an NFT is bought and attached to such file and it can’t be argued as there will be an NFT to prove rightful ownership.

NFT brings new dawn which gives us complete ownership of our assets; each NFT is unique in its own way and can’t be replaced with another as it comes with its unique features different from another. this means if you have a thousand assets with NFT’s attached to each, no two of such assets can have the same or similar NFT’s, with this people can create and sell their works in as many quantities as they want without fear of someone copying the original work, moreover, it gives the buyer of such work the privilege of having an original copy direct from the source.

As with people, a way to get freebies is always cropped up somewhere in our head, instead of paying for let's say a piece of art we come across on the web some might decide to screenshot such and have it saved up since they love it but, don’t forget photocopy can never replace an original, the joy of having such can’t be fully felt because it’s not from the real source and does not fulfill their need of such artwork as a true lover of such would want to play a part in supporting the artiste by buying and having the pride of being in possession of a copy from the source. Just imagine owning a wealth creation book written by Bill Gates himself and not the plagiarized or duplicated copy found online. A lot of people appreciate authenticity and would trade nothing to have just that even if they can get a duplicate at a lesser rate. for these sets of people, NFT gives them just that satisfaction and fulfilled feeling of owning an original asset.


Knowing the authenticity of NFT’s will save you the headache of worrying over buying a fake online. With platforms such as NBA Top Shot and Sorare, you can trade and store NFT’s within their closed ecosystems which makes it safe for anyone using NFT. In addition, OpenSea is a market where you get collectibles and Avatar projects like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, or World of Women. With these, you are definitely buying from the work creator or a reliable secondary market. The verification process is done on the site also goes a long way to keep you safe from buying a fake NFT or a random file. One thing that guides your purchase is a blue checkmark icon on the collection, without that stay away from any such stuff as it can’t be trusted. any collection without the blue checkmark is questionable and could even be a screenshot, such a piece cannot be verified so you are sure of having an original if you buy one with the said icon. People cheat and are being cheated (scammed) on a daily basis but on these listed platforms you can be sure your interest is protected and if the policies are followed rightly, you can be sure of protection from being cheated.

Alertness should be your watchword whenever you are shopping on any of those platforms. Being careful can never be too much as it protects your interest in all possible ways. making and also confirming background checks on products you intend to buy or have an eye on, whether it's NFTs on OpenSea or some other products on other platforms. Make sure to make careful and detailed inquiries about your intended purchase so you can have the best delivered to you as nothing beats the satisfaction of getting the originality you want even if it means paying double what a fake one goes for.


Aside OpenSea, I will suggest some trustworthy market places where your interest is protected and you are sure of having the best, they are SuperRare, Rarible, Nifty Gateway, Foundation, and MakersPlace. Remember to always verify the source and sales history of whatever you have interest in buying, it is also to make sure you do not fall prey to fake items as many unsuspecting people would.

With NFT however, you should be cautious. Chances of losses aren’t zero as with new investors, lots of money however have gone into the space which has brought about high prices. The whole idea of NFT and actually accepting its reality and what it has brought forth is interesting and may actually seem unbelievable but not to worry, it's only here to relieve you of tension and headaches caused by probably seeing someone take credit for your work while you are unable to prove its originally yours. NFT makes your asset solely yours. I’m giving you all a push to explore and enjoy it, NFT comes with lots of uses and captivating benefits and unless you get into the world yourself, you can’t imagine what it really is like. Have fun with it.

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